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Why Consider Laser Hair Removal over Waxing


Waxing is a more traditional way to remove hair for a period of time. It involves the application of warm wax with a strip onto an area of skin with excess hair. After the wax is bonded to the hair, the strip is quickly pulled away so that the hair is also pulled out with it.

It's a painful experience, but there is an easier way to remove body hair in the form of laser hair removal in Lodi. Here is why you should consider laser hair removal over waxing.

People who have been waxing enjoy hairless bodies for around 3 to 6 weeks. Laser hair removal however has added benefits to hair regrowth, and this hair is sure to grow even slower after each procedure. If you pick waxing, your hair is still as thick and painful as ever, but laser hair removal leads to hair that is thinner and easier to remove every time.

While it is called laser hair removal in Lodi, it is actually more like a treatment rather than a removal. After your first procedure, you will have to shave your treated area(s) after the first 10 days, so shaving is still required after the treatment.

Some people are skeptic that laser hair removal comes with multiple side effects, but that isnít entirely true. This procedure is safe on the skin, but results can vary if a certain individual receiving the treatment is taking a particular medication at the time. Unless your medical history can prove otherwise, it will not burn your skin. Talk to your physician about your medical history before considering laser hair removal.

Waxing is capable of burning patients as well, if it is too hot for the body to handle. Side effects to hot wax include burns and blisters on the body. Both waxing and laser hair removal are treatments that involve heat. When heat it applied to the skin in both these procedures, it becomes red, itchy, and irritable. But for both procedures, anti-histamines can be taken to relieve the affected area.

When it comes to cost, waxing treatments will be more affordable than laser hair removal. One procedure of waxing will be less expensive than one laser hair removal procedure. However, because waxing is recommended more frequently, all those small costs add up over time. Laser hair removal is required less frequently. While waxing is done every few weeks, laser hair can be done every few months. So while you save money by waxing in the short term, you actually save more money in the long term by choosing to get laser hair removal in Lodi.

Waxing is known to be very painful, although the threshold of pain varies from person to person. You can feel your hair being pulled out of your body like it is permanent, but it actually isnít. For all that pain that you go through, is it really worth it?

With laser hair removal, it is much less painful. While you can feel sensations from heat here and there, which makes the procedure less comforting, laser machines also come with a cooling agent before heat is ever applied. So whatever heat is there to remove skin, the cold makes sure that you are minimally harmed during this procedure.

Waxing is not completely primitive, as new techniques and waxes have been introduced throughout the years. However, laser hair removal is simply the better choice of the two. It is gentler on the skin, is less painful, and is the cheaper option in the long haul.