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Things That You Should Know About Botox and Fillers


Anti aging treatments are becoming more available over time. There are many different products that you can buy over the counter, and many procedures that you can undertake to make the effects last longer. Two such procedures are Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, and dermal fillers. While each can be used to iron out wrinkles in your skin, and are administered with a needle, they work in very different ways.

Botox is made from bacteria that relax your muscles, and it has been known to be a very useful treatment for over 20 years now. Botox has many side benefits, which include relieving pain from migraines and treating neurological disorders that lead to muscle weakness.

When it comes to wrinkle treatment, Botox in Stockton California is used to treat dynamic wrinkles that appear naturally around your eyes, around your mouth, and between your eyebrows. These wrinkles become more defined as you age. What Botox does to treat these wrinkles is relax the muscles in your face around them. Having relaxed muscles and preventing them from stiffening every now and then will prevent these wrinkles from becoming more pronounced.

As you sign up for Botox in Stockton California, your doctor or physician will inject these special bacteria into your face muscles that you want to be treated. This process takes around 10 to 15 minutes overall, and you will notice changes with your face muscles in only a couple of weeks.

Botox injections are capable of generating favorable results for most patients. Any side effects that a patient picks up will tend to go away in a short period of time. If you have any condition that might prevent Botox from being as effective as it possibly can, you may not notice much change to your facial areas. Before committing to Botox procedures, talk to your doctor about these possible risks.

There is no recovery time for Botox. You are free to work and enjoy activities with no interruptions. Botox lasts in between 3 to 4 month, so more treatments are necessary if you want continued use.

Botox is only recommended for people who have a good history of health, to potentially reduce the risk of side effects, which include bruises, headaches, and irritation in the eyes. Using eye drops before the procedure can limit these effects.

Botox is also not recommended for people who have multiple sclerosis, thick skin, deep scarring, weak facial muscles, or are pregnant or nursing.

Dermal fillers are also used for wrinkle treatment. Unlike Botox, however, they are used specifically to eliminate smile lines. Dermal fillers can also thicken your lips or cheeks, and treat abnormal marks on your hands or reduce the likelihood of scars on your body. Dermal fillers are not capable of plumping up other parts of the body, such as breasts.

Dermal fillers can come in multiple different forms, and can be injected into your body, just like Botox. These forms include collagen, poly-L-lactic acid, and calcium hydroxylapatite. They all vary by method of application and how long they last.

Most treatments of dermal fillers will last longer than a Botox injection. The results of each dermal filler treatment will vary depending on which one you go with. Just like Botox, the effects of dermal fillers will eventually wear off, and more procedures are required for continued results.

Dermal fillers have been known to cause more side effects than Botox. While severe side effects are rare, moderate level side effects tend to disappear within 2 weeks. These side effects include itching, scars, sores, bruises, and numbness.